Demonstration task

#288 Find win

Difficulty: Easy | Author: peroxid

Instruction of task:

Black is going to make his winning fork 3x3 by one move. Where will he put it?

Be careful with right data format. Enter small character first and then number of coordinate. „a1“ for example. Answers as 1a, A1 or 1A are not valid and they won’t be accepted even if they are right. Also read lesson very carefully because you will find out what you are supposed to answer as the exercise result (entering just next move or series of moves or just last coordinate to creating winning combination of 3x3, 3x4 or 4x4) 

If you don't understand instruction of task or if you know that your solouton is right.

Result of task:

You have three attempts for correct solution.

Insert your solutions in format: f8 or d4,e7,i12 (only if we want more coordinates).

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