Studying online

In this section you can find gomoku a renju tasks.

Recommendations for newcomers:

Even though you're already an experienced player, try the first tasks for beginners. Help you better understand the insertion of the results and avoids unnecessary inconveniences.

Basic rules for solving tasks:

  • Right pattern of result is for ex. a1 results of tip 1a, A1 or 1A will not be accepted, despite the fact, it will be the right solution.
  • At most only one position is an result. If author wants two or more positions, it will be pointed out.
  • Playing of 4 is concidered as right only when is it absolutely necessary.
  • We suppose the best possible defense of an opponent.
  • We suppose, that defend of VCF has higher priority then defend of VCT
  • We suppose, that defend of 4 has higher priority then defend of 3
  • We suppose, that opponent wants to take away his loss as it´s possible, as far as he doesnt fail points above.
  • Read addition.